Thank You to the Escorts

This was posted in the comments section of one of the other posts, and I wanted to make sure every one saw it.

“I would llike to thank all of you for your ture compassion, time, and effort to help women like myself. The hardest part of  this was the decision….which I still have a hard time with. The protester’s made this much much harder for me and I really am so glad you all were there. If you all did not show support for the many women who end up at this center……many women would drive away just because of the protesters. Thank you for making this very difficult time in my life more comforting.” Molly

This is what makes escorting so hard/important. We know how aggressive the climate is outside of the clinic. Empowering women is the main goal of the escorts. We want every woman who walkes through those protesters to feel supported and to hear they are ok in the midst of such overwhelming judgement. A little bit of compassion and support goes a long way in building community and positively impacting someone’s life.

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