unusually fair morning

one of the only perks to this gig.

one of the only perks to this gig.

When i say it was a fair morning several things spring to mind.

1)  it was an unseasonably warm day, after a wretched ice storm, so we were nearly giddy to only need one layer of socks this morning.

2)  since the incident a few weeks back when the officer on duty assaulted an escort, he has received some redirection from clinic management and has proven a little more supportive for the last two Saturdays.  almost refreshing, but after nine years, i don’t make assumptions about the way things will be.

3) a meaning of fair that rarely applies to this setting is one of equality.  this week there was an unusual number of empowered clients coming in.  we always ask permission to walk with folks, and today we had many say “no thank you, i’m fine”  some of them ingored the judgements and pictures, some quickened their pace, and walked on stoically.  One friend of a client yelled “get the fuck away from us, i will call the police”  so loudly that she was heard down the street and across the block.  i informed this woman that the police were present if she would like to press harassment charges, and was sure to let her know that she was a good friend.   it’s not a good example of fairness, but noteworthy in comparison.

we had 11 escorts.  there were about 30 protesters.

one woman who works at the decoy clinic had plenty to say to the cop about how appauled she was that there was ice on the sidewalk still “who’s responsible for these sidewalks?…” she was wearing fashion boots with heals.  some things just aren’t fair, huh?

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