Happy Roe V. Wade Day!!!

i’d like to take a minute to be grateful to all the people who have fought the hard, lonely and scary battle to secure access to medical care for themselves and others. those who have stood up and demanded what they needed even without anyone standing with them. those who have supported others in so many ways while facing the challenges and joys of our sexual and reproductive lives.

“miscarriage happens when the body is not ready to carry a pregnancy to term. abortion happens when the heart and the mind are not ready to carry a pregnancy to term.” unfortunately, we don’t remember the source of this fabulous quote.

Abortion is an ugly topic, because it is a very real, and sometimes difficult decision to make. This does not mean it should be swept under rugs, or into back alleys. People have terminated unwanted pregnancies for as long as time can tell. it’s time for the stigma to be removed, and for true access to be applied. this type of CHANGE takes effort from everyone. get loud about it. if the pro lifers are the only ones doing any talking, and all they’re doing is judging people and spreading misinformation, how will people just learning ever know the truth, or that they are not alone?

*talk about how abortion is a safe and normal part of reproductive health.

*volunteer at abortion clinics, planned parenthood, other health clinics, drop-ins etc.

*encourage birth control, and free condoms.

*join, or donate money to the A fund or KRCRC.

*support people facing unwanted pregnancies.

*read andy’s blog about escorting at the clinic: everysaturdaymorning. wordpress. com

*attend WENCH’s escort training saturday 1-31-09 in the basement of Fourth Ave Methodist Church at 9am.

*ask elders about memories of what it was like before January 22, 1973.

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