Deccember 20, 2008

So it is now January, and I am just getting caught up on posts for the clinic.

As I said before, I was in New Orleans Dec 20 and the report from that week was great.

It was really cold, in the single digits with a gnarly wind. Towanda, one of our regular escorts for the last decade, said it was one of the most calm mornings at the clinic that she had ever seen. There were no protesters chasing clients from their cars to the clinic door; most weeks we have as many as 6 chasers. There were 10 or so escorts and just a few (25) protesters praying.

As I was not there for tis week I don’t have much to say other than:

Good work escorts for being so dedicated to showing up at 7 am in single digit cold to encourage and validate female bodied people’s access to abortion and other reproductive medical care. I am eternally impressed by and grateful for your strength.

1 thought on “Deccember 20, 2008

  1. Thank you for using phrases like “female-bodied,” as not all female-bodied people identify as women, girls or female. For those who are wondering what that means, especially in relation to abortion and parenting, I recommend reading the one person show “Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?” by Claire Dowie. Her follow up piece (“Leaking from Every Orifice”) is also wonderful and applicable to these issues.

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