So I am sorry to not have written for a few weeks. The week before christmas  I was visiting friends in New Orleans and thus missed clinic. Usually I make it a point of looking up and visiting abortion clinics while I am traveling, but I did not manage to actually go see any on this trip. However I would like to comment on abortion access in LA.

Like KY, LA is a state that has a mostly rural population with a few metropolitan areas. There are not great statistics regarding access in LA post Katrina, however, in 2005 there were 9 abortion providers in the state. 92% of counties in LA had no provider in 2005 and 62% of women lived in those counties. Teenagers must get consent of at least one parent, there is manditory 24 hour in person counseling, and public funding is only available for abortions to save the life of the mother, or cases of rape or insest. All of these stats come from the Guttmacher Insitute,

A few providers in the NOLA area:

Causeway Medical Clinic

3040 Ridgelake Drive

Metairie, Louisiana 70002

504-837-1272 or
Toll Free: 800-749-7265

Women’s Healthcare Center, Inc.

2701 General Pershing St.

New Orleans, LA 70115

(504) 899-6010

(888) 899-6011

Fax: (504) 899-4483

Midtown Medical (504) 895-0990

3500 Saint Charles Avenue # 100,
New Orleans, LA 70115

DISCLAIMER: I have not spoken with or visited any of these clinics. I can not tell you anything about them, their services or how they treat their clients. Please use a critical eye when contacting any abortion clinic, ask questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the provider. Also make sure you are speaking with an abortion provider and not a fake clinic. Specifically ask if they provide abortions or referrals for abortions. If they do not give you a direct answer keep pressing.

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