Dec 13, continued

This post is me expounding upon one of the many things I find upsetting about the culture I see at the clinic. I want to preface this post with the statement that I am being judgmental of the protesters. I stress throughout my dialogue regarding sexual and reproductive justice that it is dangerous to assume that we know what someone else experiences in their life. But this is one of those moments where I am irked by the inability of the protesters to see much of anything.

emw-door1 Something I have noticed in general about the protesters as a group is being consistently inappropriately dressed.

I don’t get it.

They show up in twenty degree weather with no hats or gloves, or in thin socks and Capri pants. They will kneel in the rain and wind chill and I guess they think they are  being humble or tested or something.

And fine if that is how they find god, Enjoy.

The thing that really gets me is when they drag their children out and do the same thing.

Up by the private property line a family with 5 or so small children were praying completely inappropriately dressed. These children were so cold, they were crying and hopping up and down and miserable.

One of the escort began making loud conversation with me regarding the lack of appropriate clothing. Over the rosary, we openly pointed out their lack of gloves, hats, bare ankles, and shivers.

Eventually a protester, not their parent, went and got the girls some blankets and wrapped them up, and over and hour later the family went home.

I acknowledge that many families do not have the resources to adequately dress for cold weather. But as my friend the escort pointed out, the fake clinic across the street has children’s clothes to give out.

My point is that the clinic is not an appropriate place for children. I think it is an aggressive and hostile environment that is complex and can be very confusing for kids.

It is incredibly audacious to bring your blue lipped 3 year old to call another person a murder.

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