Louisville’s Clinic Escorts Points of Unity

* Escorts must gain consent from every client every time.

*Escorts are present to support people and create space for them to be empowered while accessing reproductive healthcare.

* Our goal is always to de-escalate.

* Our goal is to normalize and de-stigmatize abortion services.

* Escort interactions with anti-choice protesters should be purposeful, focused and calm.

* Escorts should always be honest and transparent about our intentions and the experience outside the clinic.

* Escorts should not make assumptions about clients.

* The clinic is not an appropriate place for political speech or protesting of any kind.

* Louisville’s clinic escorts are a non-hierarchical group of autonomous individuals.

* We can only speak for ourselves and not for the group or EMW Women’s Surgical Center.

Media Policy
-Gain consent from all escorts to be filmed and published.

-Filming or photographing clients without consent is unacceptable.

-Maintain an awareness of camera use as a tool of shame and intimidation.

-Be conscious of the power of a camera’s presence.

-The only people who should represent escorting in Louisville to media, are local Louisville Clinic Escorts.

-If you are to speak to the media as a clinic escort, make a clear statement of individual responsibility.

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